Conference Venue

Conference Location

The event will take place in the Zsolnay Cultural Quarter. Participants may find information about the venue on the following website:

Venues of the conference

The conference will take place in the E78 building of the Zsolnay Cultural Quarter – indicated as Number 1 on the map.

The Gala Dinner on Friday will take place in ROOM Cafeteria – indicated as Number 3 on the map

Accommodation will be provided in the Zsolnay Apartment Building – indicated as Number 2 on the map

On Saturday the lunch will be served in ROOM Cafeteria close to the parking house – indicated as Number 3 on the map

In the Zsolnay Cultural Quarter information boards help your orientation.

Zsolnay Cultural Quarter

The Zsolnay Factory is one of the emblems of the city: a symbol of development in the modern age.

The Zsolnay Cultural Quarter is one of the key investments of the European Capital of Culture– Pécs2010 programme. The cultural quarter was established during 2 years in a former large industrial site, the monument buildings of the Zsolnay Porcelain Factory.

The renovation of the former factory buildings and the area of residence of the Zsolnay family by a HUF-11-billion investment was the largest industrial monument reconstruction in Central Europe. As a result, one of the largest cultural center in Hungary was established through renovation of buildings with 40 thousand square meters floor area on 5 acres of land.

Its function is divided into four parts of the area: Craftsmen’s quarter, Artist Quarter, Children and Family Quarter and University Quarter, where exhibitions, puppet theater, concert and theater halls, cafes restaurants and souvenir shops selling on them.

For information on the exhibitions and attractions see:

For the registered participants admission to the permanent exhibitions is free of charge during the conference!

The E78 building is a concert hall and conference room equipped with modern facilities, which was named after the former E78 factory building.